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While I travel, I dedicate some of my time and energy to promoting literacy and reading.

I believe that reading is infinitely enriching and that everyone should have access to books. However, during my travels, I met many children who rarely read and saw schools that lack the resources necessary to offer their students access to books and the practice of reading.

As a child, I was lucky to be surrounded by books. My parents were teachers, so stories and children's books played an important role in my childhood. Those stories, their characters, illustrations and adventures taught me valuable lessons that greatly influenced my worldview. So, now, with the goal of creating a positive impact, I share my love of reading with other children while I travel.


Donating books to  Quebrada Valencia school, Magdalena, Colombia

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Guachaca secondary school, Colombia


Workshop at Tabacal rural school, Antioquia, Colombia


To do so, I created a crowdfunding campaign, and I use the money from the donations to buy children's books. I take those books to rural schools,  where I run a reading workshop for the students, during which we practice literacy, reading comprehension, creativity, writing and language learning, because the workshop focuses on the use of stories in English to learn it as a foreign language. The workshop has two purposes: first, to foster a love for reading and, second, to show the students that reading has practical applications, such as learning a new language.

Antioquia, Colombia. Running the workshop from the van 


Kichwa community in Puyo, Ecuador


Escuela en Cartagena de Indias, Colombia


At the end of the workshop, I donate a number of books to the school so they can become part of the school library. I decided to focus especially on visiting rural schools, because they often have fewer  materials and resources and because travelling by car allows me reach more remote areas.

 Guachaca primary school, Colombia

Donating books to teachers from three different rural schools in Antioquia, Colombia


Reading and painting workshop at a school in Buenaventura, Colombia


Library in Bolívar, Colombia


You can contribute to the project by donating to the campaign at

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