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Childhood and studies


My name is Róisín, and I was born and in Spain of Irish parents. I grew up bilingual, speaking English at home and Spanish at school and with friends. I started learning French as a child and later I discovered how wonderful it is to travel. Discovering new cultures through language made me dream of working in the field of  communication. That is why I chose to study a degree in Translation and Interpreting through the Autonomous University of Madrid .

Professional development

My university studies allowed me to deepen my knowledge of languages and begin to learn a new one, Italian. Thanks to the Erasmus program, I was able to live in France and create strong ties with its culture and language. From the first time I tried Simultaneous Interpretation, I knew I had chosen the right profession. I focused on this specialty and studied a Master's in Conference Interpreting at the National University of Ireland Galway.

Since secondary school, I took advantage of my bilingualism to teach languages. I completed a teacher training course to teach English as a foreign language, at the end of which I obtained the C.E.L.T.A. qualification. After that, I worked in several language schools in Spain, Mexico and Ireland, teaching private students and groups of children and adults. During my degree, I began to work as a freelance translator for private companies, translating marketing content, newsletters, press releases and websites. At the end of my four-year degree, I did a translation internship at the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean in Mexico City,  where I translated a document on the effects of climate change in the region. That experience allowed me to discover the topics that I am really interested in and opened the doors of Latin America to me. Ever since then, I have been delving into the region's culture, history and geography.


Specialization and commitment 


After completing my studies, I continued to work on my language skills: I lived in Italy, Mexico, Ireland and traveled through Central America, the United States and Europe, while continuing to develop my professional skills, gaining experience and building relationships of respect and commitment with my clients.

I made traveling my lifestyle and specialized in the topics that interest me the most :  social justice,  climate justice,  human rights and environmental rights. I focused my work on the translation of reports, news articles, journalism and research articles related to these issues, and began to work with non-governmental organizations, government agencies and activism groups, supporting them with language services.  

The pandemic was an opportunity for expansion, new work models emerged, including the opportunity to support a variety of groups and organizations that meet frequently through virtual platforms, such as Zoom, with remote interpretation services.

That is how, thanks to work, perseverance, conviction, resilience and respect,  I managed to build relationships that are about more than just work, that are based on a deep respect for  my clients and for the work they do and a real desire to help them communicate their messages in the best possible way.

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